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Guest halftone


I upgraded to a T-mobile Vario 3 the beginning of the week. Thats gone back (due to T-mobile ripping me off, contract being cancelled).

I now have the O2 version, XDA Stellar.

I have installed a few apps so far (listed below), will be trying tomtom when my memory card arrives.

HTC X-Button: This was on the Vario3, but seems to have been removed by O2

Vicsoft Keyswop: Again, the Vario3 seemed to have an option to change softkeys, I couldnt find it on the XDA

KaiserNotification: This looks handy, I just need to remember what colours mean what now :D Im happy that it stops that constant orange led flash either way.

Inbox Extender: No idea why "Delete All" wasnt standard anyway.

SPB Wallet: I used a program called eWallet on my old PDA and found it very useful, this works just as well.

DietOrganizer Pocket: Im a fatty ... well, I was, started using this to keep track of eating, exercise, helped me lose almost 3 stone.

HTC Home: Again, seemed to be removed by O2 ???

Palgrino: From what I have tried so far, a pretty good IM program.

Resco Explorer: Seems to be recommended everywhere !

Are there any "essentials" i have missed ?

My other question is, I have the O2 web bolt on, I know they mention the fair use policy on their terms page. I have my email address setup and working, and set to check hourly, which activates either the 3G or HSDPA (is that right ??), but it doesnt disconnect the connection when its done. Obviously no date is being sent/received, am I "abusing" their fair use policy by leaving it connected ? I assume it drains battery quicker by leaving it connected ? Another bonus would be being able to stay connected to msn.

Reading though these forums, I see Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional is online, I would prefer to have this (i have 6), as the reviews seem to say it improves performance, but im worried about bricking my new phone, most I have ever done is changed firmware on my psp.

And finally, does anyone know a UK site that sells >>this<<

Sorry that turned out so long,



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Guest halftone

89 views and no replies hopefully means i havnt missed anything.

One thing I am rather unhappy about, is the alarm. So i tried SPB Time ... i set the alarm, it lights up the screen, but doesnt play any music until i hit snooze, then it loads again and then starts the music.

Can anyone recommend a good alarm clock, preferably with at least 3 different alarms (like the standard clock) that plays mp3s and is a bit louder ?

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Guest johnyysmith

I'm using pTravelAlarm and it does all I want. Turns on with a click noise followed by whatever sound you choose to program it with. My favourite is 'Bong'. You can set up to 10 different different named alarm sets of any combination of days of the week. Also has sleep, countdown timers and hourly chime if you want it.

Particularly like that the snooze button is bigger than the stop button. Random stab at the screen when it goes off usually gets an extra snooze for whatever snooze time you preset

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