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Problems after a Sprite Backup restore...

Guest Aero

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Guest Aero

Hi folks,

Have just had my phone replaced and used Sprite to do a full backup/restore.

Seems mostly OK but have a couple of worrying issues and I'm concerned that there may be more wrong "behind the scenes".

Firstly, I had an IMAP email account setup on my old phone which displayed emails on the homescreen. This is still listed on my homescreen but if I go into messaging it's not there. If I try to set it up again with the same name it says it already exists. This is worrying as I can't delete it and start from scratch...

Secondly, CoPilot7 has stopped working. I put it down to a registration problem, and uninstalled/reinstalled it. However it is the same. It just comes up with the splash screen and then just goes back to the homescreen.

This has me a bit worried - what else is not working properly that I haven't tried yet?

The trouble is if I just reset the phone and restore the programs manually I will lose loads of my settings - which is exactly the reason that I bought Sprite in the first place :D

Can anybody help?

Have emailed ALK support and will contact Sprite support but don't hold out much hope (also it's a bank holiday weekend :( )

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Guest Confucious

Not sure about the IMAP - that does seem strange.

As does CP - normally it would just ask you to register again and then tell you to contact them as it's already registered to another device but give you your 4 days grace - plenty of time for them to get back to you.

I'm sure ALK will sort you - and soon. Their CS is very good.

Good luck.

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Guest Aero

I've come up trumps on the email - it seems that MS store the settings in encrypted form which is related to the device number. When installed on a new device it doesn't work and buggers things up again.

Only way around it is by reinstalling the Sprite Backup without the Email settings (link here : http://www.spritesoftware.com/forum/viewto...f=26&t=4848 ) - sadly this also means losing SMSes as they're stored in the same place.

Best solution I can think of is by using Jeyo Extender to back up SMSes, do the workaround in the link to avoid the Email problems, and then reinstall the SMSes from the Jeyo backup...

You still lose MMSes but as always with these things it seems to be the best of a bad bunch :D

Best advice would be to delete all your email accounts before doing a Sprite backup when you are changing your phone...

CoPilot still not working, not sure what to do with that :(

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Guest Aero

I'm dominatin this forum a bit today :D

Still, worth updating it in case anybody gets stuck with this in the future!

Never got CoPilot working even restoring everything but the CoPilot files - must have been some sort of serial number/registration issue.

Ended up hard resetting the phone and rebuilding from scratch.

If you need to backup/restore to a new device I recommend uninstalling CoPilot first as well as deleting email settings.


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