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Call history manager disappeared after ROM update

Guest ahoramismo

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I have an i-mate SP5 with WM 5 and I have updated its ROM to the latest version available in Italian on the i-mate website: SP5 WWE ROM Build 2.5.331.2 (http://www.imate.com/Support_DeviceSupport.aspx?key=39d08cc5-263d-462c-9885-8b58e9101fc3&cmd=roms).

Problem is, after the update Call History disappeared from the Start Menu and I can only use the limited version of the call log available by pressing the green (call) button.

Does anybody know if there's a way to access the Call History manager (may be it's some system file) and/or how to bring this much-needed function back to the Start Menu?

Thank you so so much!!

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Well, I've not tried this, but according to this site (http://www.ppcsg.com/index.php?showtopic=89140)...

Create a text file on your PC/PDA

Enter the following:


Save the text file as CallHistory.LNK

Copy the file to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs on your device

You're the man!!! It works!!

Now there's a link to the Call History manager in the Programs folder (last page of the Start Menu); now I can at least access my full call log. It'd be certainly better to have it on the first page of the start menu, but, hey! I'm not complaining!!

Thank you chucky!!!!

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The order of the Start Menu items is in a registry setting, if you search Modaco for "reg start menu" you should find something that tells you where it is stored and you can then put the Call History back on page 1

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