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Strange OperaMini Security when default???

Guest fatmcgav

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Guest fatmcgav

Hi there,

I'm trying to set-up Opera Mini 4 as my default system browser. Now i found the great tutorial here, however i'm having some issues with Security.

First time i install and run Opera Mini 4.1 Signed, it prompts me to allow net access, and gives me the "Yes, dont ask again option", which i tick and ok. This means i can run Opera without being prompted for security.

However, when i run through the StartOperaMini Mortscript as outline here and set everything up, it then prompts me to allow net access again, and there isnt a Always Allow option - any ideas???

Also, i'm using Esmertec Jbed 3.1 (Esmertec_Jbed200802223.1.cab), with Mortscript 4.1 and StartOperaMini 0.10bSP3.



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