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Official ROM for AUS & SEA HTC WM6.1 - Serious bug while roaming

Guest nuscape

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Guest nuscape

I think I found a bug in this new rom 6.1 -tested on Australian & SEA (South East Asia) version.

I am using push email and set to turn off the sync when I am in roaming since I am using Australia Hutch 3 network.

However the sync keeps get connected while I am roaming.

Normally this was not happening while I was still using the old WM 6.0 rom, while roaming automatically the sync stopped and resume when it went back to 3 broadband area. This is really annoying because 3 network is charging high roaming price.

In addition there is no 'triangle' icon anymore while I am in roaming.

There is 'roaming' text written on the screen but I think it is more like a label rather than the phone think that is now a roaming network.

May be this is why 'activesync' thinks that the phone is not roaming and keeps get connected.

Back in WM 6.0 the 'triangle' icon was there.

I also use the HTC weather and choose NOT to do download while roaming under option setting BUT the update still went through when I was roaming.

I thought only happen to activesync as I previously mentioned however this roaming issue happen accross all program now.

Definitely this new ROM doesn't understand when the phone is on roaming network. All data still went through. It is a bug that has to be fixed otherwise people will get unexpected high roaming charges.

I also would like to know if you have updated your phone to WM6.1 and also experiencing the same issue while roaming overseas. I have tested WM6.1 Australian Hutch 3 version & also tested with South East Asia version. Both are having the same issue. I wonder if this happens accross all WM6.1 ROM. Anyone got a workaround for this issue please let me know.

FYI, Hutch 3 Australia is using roaming for their GSM network and charges more for data download. Their 3G/ HSDPA only covers inner city/ CBD area and if you commute between GSM & 3G coverage your phone will switch between 'home' and 'roaming' all the time.

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