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Brand new HTC TyTN II will not sync with computer at all???

Guest bosstone

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Guest bosstone

I just got a new TyTN II from mobilepc.com and i am having some problems right out of the box.

When I plus the mini usb wall charger into the phone it will only charge if there is pressure on the cord at just the right angle.

When I plug the usb cord that syncs the TyTN II with the computer nothing happens. Active sync does not detect the HTC TyTN II at all and the TyTN II doe snot charge at all.

Is this a common problem? Could it be the cord? Should I just try and send it back?

Any thoughts or advice?

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Guest RickDawson

for active sync to work, windows assigns a device an IP address. It uses the DHCP Client service of windows.

check that it is enabled:

- start> run

- enter:


- OK/press enter

- in the right column of what opens, you will see a list of services.

Look for DHCP Client.

check that the service is set to automatic.

reboot your computer.

connect your mobile.

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Guest Ghost_1

There is the possibility the cord might be defective. I've got a few of those cords lying around and one or two of them won't let me sync. and some of them wont charge.

As far as you syncing issues. On my PC using XP I have to go to:

Start>Settings>connections>usbtoPC>and uncheck the box marked "enable enhanced network functions"

before active sync will work on my computer.

My thinking is your issue with the cable is the first hurdle and possible the second could be the settings.

good luck hope this works for you.

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Guest hotphil

As there seems to be a problem with both a USB cable and the mains charger, I'd say you'd narrowed the problem down to the common component being the USB socket in the phone. Bummer. I think there's been a few with dud USB sockets (sure there was a thread around here somewhere?). If possible, try with another USB cable, if still no dice, then you sadly got a dud and need to get your retailer to replace it. :-(

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