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Guest fla5hbak

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Guest fla5hbak

Hello there

I applied for a MDA Vario III on T-Mobile today (Flext 35 Business) only to be rejected on the credit check. Quite frustrating, as I have a large amount of credit in the company bank account, spend more on pay as you go top ups in a month than I would on equivelent contract and my ageing iMate SP3 has finally died.

Now, while I realise I can go out and buy the phone from Expansys or the like, my problem is the package that comes with it. The phone is useless without a provider. The bulk of my usage comes from voice, then data, then text. Thus, I need a package that reflects this.

The data use must include Messenger and other internet apps such as Putty (for SSH/telnet), as well as the usual outlook email and web browsing.

Do any of you fine people know of a way around this stupid limitation imposed by the phone companies, where even if I offer to pay a 18 month contract up front, it gets rejected?

Three schools of though at the mo:

1. T-Mobile U-Fix Talk 25 (£200 for the phone, and 25p bleeding pence a minute out of bundle. 50p a day data...)

2. T-Mobile - Phone them up and offer to buy a phone on PAYG normal. Comission based staff, so maybe if I wave the £400 in the ears of the call handler, they will find a way forward. (£Stupid for the phone, 15p a minute calls and £4 a day data..)

3. Three - Buy the phone from Expansys. Buy a PAYG Sim from Three. Bung the "Stretch" £15 offer on, along with 3Gb of mobile data for £15. Three, however, won't guarantee the data services on the phone. (300 minutes, 300 texts and 3Gb of data...)

Three sound the best deal on paper, but with all the reports on here of crap service, Indian call centres and their own admission of lack of service, I'm not so sure.

Has anyone got any other suggestions? I'm really stuck with this... :-(

Kind regards and thanks a million


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