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Downgrading wm6

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Guest cooldudechand


i jst want to ask that i have i-mate SP5 and when i upgrade to wm6

and i want to go back to the imates default firmware

can i do that

and how , is it by hard reset

plzz reply ASAP

thanx in advance

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Guest awarner (MVP)

If you upgraded your device to one of the unofficial WM6 updates a hard reset would not revert the phone back to WM5 you would have to reflash the device again.

I would suggest that you learn a bit more about ugrading/downgrading first to make sure you know what you are doing, also learn about the risks involved as once in a while things can go wrong if you are not careful.

As the SP5 is getting old now, the other question to ask yourself is do you really need the update and will you benifit from it? or are you jumping on the preverbial upgrade band waggon so to speak.

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