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Updated EQATEC Profiler (1.2) released... still FREE!

Guest Eigil Rosager Poulsen

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Guest Eigil Rosager Poulsen
This just in from EQATEC, providers of a fantastic, indispensable and best of all FREE utility for Windows Mobile managed code developers!

Hello MoDaCo!

You recently published an article about our EQATEC Profiler on your website. I want to thank you for that, since it really gave us a tremendous start. The story spread from site to site to blog to blog. The result is that more than 1200 users have downloaded our program and we have received very positive feedback from many notable developers within the Windows Mobile community. We have even received emails where people ask us, why we don't charge money for such a good program.

We have listened to our users and released a new version 1.1 of our program May 14th. On June 12th we released version 1.2.

Highlights since release 1.0:
  • More than 1200 users have downloaded the program
  • Now support for: (see release notes at: http://www.eqatec.com/tools/profiler/release-history)

  • Generics
  • Signed assemblies
  • Source level control of instrumentation

  • We got 4 x improved performance through the use of the profiler on itself (see Richards own story at: http://www.eqatec.com/forum/profiler/share-your-story)
  • The profiler also works for the full .NET framework. Many programmers have missed this point, and the new version 1.2 has improved ease of use in this context.
  • See what users have said about the profiler at: http://www.eqatec.com/tools/profiler
  • The programming community has confirmed that: Yes, the EQATEC profiler is currently the only .NET compact framework code profiler in the world.

Thanks again for your nice help and please do contact me if you need further information!

If you're a .net developer, quite simply you'd be a fool not to add this application to your arsenal :D With .net desktop development support included too, it really does become a multi purpose toolkit.

Incidentally, around the 'Why Free?' question, this is posted on their website...


At EQATEC we are experts in embedded development, both native (C/C++) and managed (C#). We have completed many large .NET CF projects. We have the only Microsoft embedded MVP in Scandinavia. We've been doing embedded development for about 10 years now.

In 2006-2008, when developing a really large .NET Compact Framework application in C# for Windows CE, we looked around for a .NET CF code profiler. Surprisingly there were none. All we found were memory-profilers, i.e. for tracking object allocations and memory usage. That's useful too, but not if you want to pinpoint bottlenecks to improve your application's performance.

So we built our own code profiler. And it works really, really well.

We've used it for a year on this particularly large application (87000 lines, 7000 methods in 44 DLLs) and easily found and fixed performance bottlenecks that would have been very hard to spot without a code profiler. We've even integrated the profiling-step in our autobuild. The profiling-step is very quick and the profiled code is typically only 30% bigger and runs 30% slower. Profilers can easily make your code run 2-10 times slower, so ours is quite efficient. Since then we've also profiled many full .NET apps, and even the profiler itself, making it run 4 x faster.

Because it works so well, and there are no other code profilers like it for .NET CF, we decided to make it available to all other .NET developers. And we decided to do so for free, so it won't cost you anything. Just download it and start optimizing your own application, or try profiling the demo-app we’ve included.

A major reason for giving it away free is to get some idea about how much demand there is for tools like this. Therefore we'd kindly ask you to register the download, simply to give us some idea of how many developers - and in what kind of businesses - will find this tool useful.

Kudos :(


[Edited by Paul (MVP) for News]
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