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Dashwire hits version 2.0

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
Dashwire, which we covered prelaunch and at public beta, has now hit version 2.0!

A quick recap for the uninitiated... In their own words...

What is Dashwire?

Dashwire automatically mirrors the content on your phone to the web, helping you access, manage, and share your mobile experiences

How does it work?

Once you sign-up for your FREE account, you’ll be prompted to install a small application on your phone that will keep your phone constantly connected and in-sync with your private, web-based Dashwire account.

What you do on the phone will instantly update on the web, what you do on the web will update your on phone.

No cables or effort required. Easy.

What does Dashwire bring to the web?
  • Contacts
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Call logs
  • Voicemail
  • Phone settings - Ringtones, Web Bookmarks, Speed Dials

You control which items sync and when it happens. Dashwire connects across wireless data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

So what's new in version 2?

Again, in their own words...

Up to this point, Dashwire has primarily focused on helping users effortlessly bring their mobile phone and content it captures up to the web. But that is only part of the experience we want to provide for users, and today we’re excited to be releasing a new version of our mobile software to help people more seamlessly integrate their mobile and web worlds. Below is a look at some of the new experiences:

Mobile access to photos & videos stored online in your Dashwire account. What’s cool about this is we allow you to view photos even if the actual media files aren’t on your phone. We sync and optimize cache to bring in a set of your photos stored in the cloud on the Dashwire service and make it super fast to browse through, edit and share. This feature allows us to introduce new things like the ability to upload photos from your computer and have them instantly show up on your phone (we’re almost ready to launch photo uploads from your computer - stay tuned).

Media editing, blogging and sharing with friends –on the go. You can now add a title/description and share your photos with your friends, or post to your Dashwire shared page from your phone. Sharing media is accessible from the menu option, and allows you to pick from your contact list. Your friends will receive an email with link to view the photo so you don’t have to worry about sending a full size image over the carrier network every time you want to share a photo.

Direct mobile status updates to Facebook & Twitter. Status updates is something we’ve enabled from Dashwire.com, but it’s most useful to people when they are out and about. From the new mobile client, it’s easy to add your status and have it automatically update to Facebook, Twitter or both.

Privacy controls & media publishing - we added a privacy mode setting based on user feedback which is pretty cool. Now everyone who wants their Dashwire shared page to be open for friends and the public to view, can keep it published without worrying about new photos they capture automatically going live. From within each photo you can set it to private or public.

Dashwire is very cool and well worth a look if you haven't played already, but best of all, it's FREE! To get started, just head on over to http://www.DashWire.com, or hit up http://m.dashwire.com from your mobile phone browser.

You can also Check out a video demo of Dashwire Mobile 2.0, and read more at the Dashwire blog.

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Guest WearTheFoxHat

Tried the earlier version and it was impressive ... but kept crashing on reboot. So gave up with it. But going back to try V2 now, as it was a nifty application when it worked.

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Guest WearTheFoxHat

Silly question ... I've just installed V1 ... and can't find anywhere on the website to update to V2. How did you do it?

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Guest WearTheFoxHat

Well the new version is FAB!

however, I've found one minor bugette, that it keeps coming to the front whenever you close any other windows on the device.

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Guest Monolithix

I haven't noticed that yet, however i have had another app do the same...REALLY annoying :/ I've just installed v2.0 and it seems fine, however my preview pictures seem to be corrupted :/

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Guest WearTheFoxHat

I contacted them yesterday and reported two bugs:

1) The app keeps coming to the front.

2) When using the facebook status updater, it automatically includes the "IS" bit.

I got an email from them this morning thanking me for submitting a bug report, and to state that they were aware of both, and that 1) is higher priority than 2).

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