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HTC Touch Cruise gets Android preRelease build working

Guest PPCInformer

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Guest PPCInformer

You guys might have read the post on android working on HTC devices. Now be_vigilant from xda-dev has putup a cab file for easy installation of Android on the HTC Touch Cruise. Remember that this is just a preRelease buid , so as times goes by and when android gets released we might be able to get a fully working version of android on our devices icon_smile.gif

Features reported to be working are: ( not tested by me personally )

1) Radio was detected and carrier signal acquired.

2) Adding a contact.

3) Calling the contact. ( The call was working through the loud speaker. )

4) Incoming call works. It displayed on screen “incoming call”. ( no ringtone though )

Bugs Found:

1) Android might disabled the touch screen after a call so you couldnt press on “hang up” on the screen to disconnect the call. You have to scroll through to hang up using the dial pad.

2 ) No ringtone was played on incoming call.

3 ) Calls were routed throughthe loud speaker on polaris ( HTC Touch Cruise )

4) SMS seems to crash the application.

5) hardware keys doesnt respond

Install Instructions :

1) Install to device memory not SD card

2) Once the .cab is installed you can easily update andoid by just dumping the latest image into program files\android directory.

Source & Download : 1800pocketpc.com

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