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M1000 tomtom settings problems

Guest chipedwood

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Guest chipedwood

well this is the first PPCI have ever owned/touched I am a complete newbie to this, So this could be simple or complex I don't know.

What I want to do is use this PPC as a tomtom. I have a GPS receiver in my car and it has been working fine in another car until I got given it.

The receiver I have is: Brodit 971582 Active Holder. They have a terrible website that helps me very little, however as far as I know the problem is just my PPC settings.

When I go to set up my tomtom it asks me 3 questions.

1. what kind of device do you have; tomtom wireless, tomtom wired, other NMEA GPS, other Bluetooth GPS.........At this stage I have persumed Other NMEA GPS, while I have been fiddling

2. It then asks me for GPS baud rate; the slider runs from 1200 - 115200......I've been guessing wildly at this, I am clueless.

3. Finally it asks; GPS is connected to: Infared port, com4, com5, BT on com6, serial cable on com1, com9, com2, serial on USB.... I guessed at serial cable on COM1 and Serial on USB to little success

So I have a cabled GPS device that works, and a SPV M1000.

I just don't know what settings to put in to make it work.

Is there anything else I need to do to make this GPS device work.

It has been working on this PPC but when it completely lost power it lost all the tomtom settings, when I powered it up again it auto installed tomtom and did some other things.

Any help would be great with this



Edit: App version 5.210 (5430)

GPS driver v1.20

Map great_britan-map v562

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