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Stellar keeps dropping signal

Guest davidjp

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Guest davidjp

I'm having some serious issues with my XDA Stellar at the moment. It keeps on dropping the signal, whether it be GSM, EDGE, or HSDPA, it drops everything. It can go hours without any signal, then get full signal for about 30 seconds, then nothing. It's constantly searching for a signal, so speakers go crazy all the time, and the battery life is shocking. the other night it went from 90% to 10% overnight. I've got the stcok HTC Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM. I thought that might be the issue, but it has done the same with the new O2 6.1 ROM as well.

Now for the strange bits. This problem only seems to be evident when I'm at home. It seems to have no problems anywhere esle, and that includes inside other buildings. I would appreciate it if it was a dead spot, but it's a relatively new problem, and my wife is also on O2 and has no problems at all.

Does anybody have any ideas, it's really bugging me.

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