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HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest qber_91

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Guest qber_91

OK, so i used a registry editor, edited some stuff according to a topic(i think it was here) and was attempting to do some flash video stuff, restarted the phone, now i can make calls, see the home screen, but start menu's blank, and all icons in my "quick launch"(the thing that shows recently used apps) are little windoows icons, that say alert Error opening the shortcut or location the target filename. when i click on them! i need my phone back, would like to not lose files, dont have a recent backup of pim.vol, cant enable bluetooth to do a backup, i dont know what to do! any help would be much apperciated, i am so lost right now, i never have issues with reg stuff, im very computer savy(build my own) but im sort of stuck and in a panic!

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