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ThrottleLauncher ROM

Guest Fate-X-

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Guest Fate-X-

Okay first of let me start by saying this is a rom that runs ThrottleLauncher. The revolutionary new homescreen applicaton that has changed my ppc usage and a lot of other people's. I love it and now couldn't live without it :D ThrottleLauncher runs extremely fast and smooth at 20fps in this rom. I suggest it if you would like a new interface or a smooth one and you don't like Htc home.

If you want just the ThrottleLauncher application it's here > Link

NOTE: This rom contains Gullum's modified ThrottleLauncher setup.

If you want the original TouchFlo3D setup, click here > Link

Screen caps of TouchFlo3D:


This is CE OS 5.2.19213 (Build 19213)

OS only but it's recommended that you use 1.65.xx.xx radio with this rom.. it's reported to work with older versions of radio too

Remember that you need to HARDSPL before flashing these roms.

When device is customizing it will look like it's stuck installing diamond.tsk just wait it can take around 1 minute

What to do first: (Setting up ThrottleLauncher)

1. After final flash sync all you contact etc. with outlook or restore

2. set up you email account (but only if you use email)

3. Install any soft you haven't installed with UC

4. Start ThrottleConfig and chooses TFlo3D if not chosen then press config

5. Now go to weather tab and type in you town and country

6. Now go to the email tab change Acticesync to the name of your account ( it is case sensitive so if account is Gullum it want display any info if you type gullum)

7. Optional in General tab choose and arrange what pages to show.

8. Press save then exit on the default throttle config page and click reload plugin

This can also be done later but this will get you familiarized with the ThrottleConfig

The music page can controll WMplayer,S2P and Morthplayer. I recommend S2P!

Whats in the rom:

ThrottleLauncher v0.9.2

iContact (Diamond skin by Lycox)

Thumbcal (Diamond skin by Lycox)

Advanced Config

Calculator (Diamond skin)

Camera Album (Not from diamond)

Comm Manager 6 button with 3G

Internet Sharing





PIM Backup

Pocker RAR

Registry editor

Streaming Media


Windows Media player

You Tube

Pocket Word

Pocker Excel



Button mapping:

Button 1. IE is mapped to Opera

Button 2. Messages is mapped to Comm Manager

Button 3. Start menu not changed

Button 4. ok/close not changed

Button 5. camera not changed

Button 6. Abow scroll wheel press is AltTab

Button 6. press + hold Closes all running apps

Left soft key is Tumbcal

Right softkey is iContact

NOTE: This is the default config. I suggest you change button 1 to your default browser and button 2 to messaging if you text/e-mail.

Click here to Download (English)

NOTE: This is the WWE ROM (World Wide English). If you would like another language, check out the original thread (link below).

All credits go to Gullum for developing this rom :(

Original Thread at xda-developers

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