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Poor response from Kaiser Keyboard

Guest deadphill

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Hi guys

Just had another thought, as I have been trying to reset my phone back to how it came from T-mobile as it has a faulty usb port.

Anyway reading up on the versions of SPL, I have heard that updating or indeed leaving the device with the correct SPL version that it shipped with can result in significant increase in performance.

It might be worth looking, and posting what SPL version you have. To do this hold down the camera button and soft reset the device. It should load up in bootloader mode. When this happens, write down what you see and post it. Im interested to see if the versions are old or new. Mine was oli-pof 1.01 which from what I am seeing is an old version.

For your reference:


Let us know how you get on. I wont be able to find out for a while!



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