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Connection problems / battery life

Guest JimDerDog

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Guest JimDerDog

Hi there

I have a sim free tytn II running on orange that has been fine up until recently. I had an occasional problem where I couldnt phone out - I dial, the phone would say dialling, then just go to call ended. At the same time I would get a "da ding ding ding" tone but no other explanation. The phone always showed a strong signal before and after. That was before.... now I have this constantly and cannot now get any internet connection either. The phone does not ring most fo the time and voicemails do not register. On top of this, the battery life seems to have dropped dramatically - it was fully charged yesterday and flat this morning. I wondered wheether it was searching for network, so switched it to manual network selection yesterday, but no joy.

I am now forced to use my old nokia phone as this has become an expensive door stop. If anyone has any bright ideas, I would be very gratful!



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