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Introducing 7 in 7 from Mobiholics

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
Did you know MoDaCo has a sister site? It's called Mobiholics, and it has recently relaunched with members 'tsutton' and 'Mark' at the helm.

It's the place to go for all non Windows Mobile related mobile talk - discussing networks, non WinMo devices etc. As part of the MoDaCo.network, your existing MoDaCo login automagically works over there too! Neat eh? :D

I'm pleased to announce a couple of new features on Mobiholics too! The first is a news page (much like MoDaCo), which can be found at the main http://www.Mobiholics.com URL. The can also subscribe to Mobiholics news with the RSS feed (I recommend the excellent and free 'Newsgator' suite!) Secondly, we are starting a new regular feature called '7 in 7 on Mobiholics'. This is a weekly MoDaCo post, just to bring your attention to 7 interesting posts from Mobiholics in the past week! Since this is the first one, the timescales have a bit of leeway, but keep watch for this as a regular feature from now on.

See you soon over at Mobiholics :angry:

Oh, and if you are interested in helping out on MH, I am sure tsutton or Mark would love to hear from you! :D


This weeks '7 in 7 on Mobiholics'

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