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Guest devil270975

Hi there folks, before i start, WOW!!!! what an awesome site.

Well i bought my new HTC TyTN II the other day and have never owned a windows mobile pc before (was a hardened nokia freak, was gonna upgrade to the N96, glad i never) so was looking for a little info and maybe a few good applications when i happened to find my way to your site, with all the info i could ever need i began to read about flashing a new rom i thought to myself this looks like fun (i'm a bit reckless like that...lol...) and decided to give it a try (knowing a new phone is only a volley at the nearest wall away...lol...) i tried the HTC one and got invalid Vendor ID so tried the TLR 21.05.08 one and after a few attempts with the hard/soft/jump thingy's (white screen jobby) all went well and i now have myself a WM6.1 phone. Thanks Guys!!!

To my question(s)...

Is there a way to list by album artist instead of artist in windows media player as when i try and play random tracks by a particular artist i have to jump through burning hoops piecing it all together, i had this same trouble with my Creative ZEN giving me a list of about 1000 artists when i only have in reality about 100 (was hoping this would have been fixed in WM6.1, one of the reasons i went for it) any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated as i really dont wanna force the artists in WMP11 as i do like to have complete and correct TAG info (i'm a bit fussy like that...lol...)

Well that was my first post, i'm pretty sure it wont be my last...lol...

If ya ain't guessed i kinda digress and ramble an awfull lot...lol...


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