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SOTI Pocket Controller + New Phone = DOH!

Guest James

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This is not totally Diamond related but it’s the reason for my moan so here I go...

I’m sure there are others in the same boat here with SOTI Pocket Controller but ive not seen/read about it before.

I get my new diamond :( and today I though I would install pocket controller, no problems so far, after a few mins of use I think ill switch the skin mode on and download the HTC Diamond skin... and.... WHAT!!! :-


So I can’t use a skin!! (One nice part of the application) and 'technically' no longer functions as advertised :D

Tried their technical support and they just posted back an answer from their database with no human understanding in the reply :D

Dear James,

Thank you for your E-Mail.

Regarding your registration key for your older software:

When you purchase Pocket Controller-Pro the application includes 12 months of free Product Upgrade Service, Skin Catalog download Service and Technical Support Service. Our records show that these services of your registration has expired as of 09/01/07.

If you are interested in upgrading to the latest version of Pocket Controller-Pro at a 20% discount. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Browse to the following link: http://www.soti.net/default.asp?Cmd=Produc...mp;SubCmd=PCPro

2. Click on the “Buy” button. This will take you to the checkout page.

3. Enter the following Promotion Code: B265C1B5

4. Click “Recalculate”, the reduced price will be displayed

5. Click “Checkout” and following the remaining prompts to complete the purchase

For a list of features that have recently been added to the product, please click on the link below:


Best Regards,

Daniel Jones

I am NOT spending $31 (that’s with the 20% off) just for a new SKIN! that’s outrageous! It might be different if I was buying a new version of the software but im not.

So, just to sum up, BE WARNED!

P.S. what also really annoys me is ive even done a skin for them in the past!!!! :angry:

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Been awhile since I used SOTI, so you have to subscribe to use their skins.

Suppose you are just paying for a service and unlike MoDaCo they charge for themes etc.

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well, yeah sort of.. :D

You get the app + 12 months of support for $38ish

i just dont want to pay £15 odd squid for 1 new skin :angry:

P.s. Ash you got a diamond yet then? :D

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well, yeah sort of.. B)

You get the app + 12 months of support for $38ish

i just dont want to pay £15 odd squid for 1 new skin B)

P.s. Ash you got a diamond yet then? B)

You can just start using EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition, which is totally free, with totally free skins, for any use, even in your company.

How cool is that ?

If you don't find the skin you look for go to the EveryBlog section on the Sparus Software site, new skins are posted regularly.

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