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New Shift Drivers

Guest scottt

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Guest scottt
HTC have released a new driver pack for the Shift UMPC.

Available for download from the HTC site, the pack includes...

Intel Chipset Driver, Intel VGA Driver, Vista EC Driver, Touch Screen Driver, Synaptics Micro Pad Driver, Realtek Audio Driver, Vitakey AC5023 Fingerprint Software and Driver Update, and Extension Kit (USB, Lan Port) Driver.

The install process is somewhat untidy (installing each driver one by one), but is worthwhile to try and eke every last ounce of performance out of your Shift! Alongside the major driver update, there is also a hotfix to get windows sidebar working on your Shift and BIOS update to "enhance USB flash disk compatibility on the HTC Shift mobile computer."

Let us know how you get on!


[Edited for news by Paul (MVP)] Edited by scottt
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Guest deadphill

How many people actually have this device?

It looks good but really with the cost of an eeepc and a 3g card, you still have change to go and buy a win mo pc.

Its concept is a nice one but in reality I cant imagine this going places, not unless they knock off around £500 off the price.

How much are these retailing for at the moment?



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