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Napster-to-Go 30 day free trial with 5 free tracks!

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
Regulars will know that i've spoken on MoDaCo about Napster before. I am a Napster to go subscriber, which means for £14.95 a month I can download as much music as I want to my PC, which is synced to my media center, and selectively synced to my device. The selection of music (if your taste is mainstream) is second to none, and now that the service has been established a while, it's rock solid! Sadly it's PC only (no Mac client), but hey, thank goodness for Parallels :D

While browsing around various sites, I came across this offer.... instead of the standard 7 day trial, you can now sign up for a 30 day trial of Napster-to-go, which includes 5 free DRM free tracks. Free music! Yay! :D

To get your free trial, visit this link to download the napster client, and during the signup process enter the code 'DSG1MONTHTOGO'. Easy... and let me know how you get on!

Any other fellow Napster users out there?

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Guest steveoidm

Yep, love it on my tytn II (and touch pro tomorrow :-))

A couple of times I haven't connected my device to my pc for a while and the drm subscription expires. WMP tells me to connect the device to my pc and start napster to update the license, or whatever it is. However when I do this it doesn't seem to work. I need to resync all the tracks on my phone in order to get them validated again. Have you experienced this?

Small issue though, great to download as much music as I want (guilt free). Also great for parties, you have an almost unlimited collection of music to play instantly.


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Guest nickcornaglia

Always liked/used Napster when I ran a PC. Wish they had a Mac client and I never would have switched to iTunes. (Amazing how a music service could tie you to an OS...guess thats the way they want it to be.)

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Just got my touch pro and loving it so far! Saw you could use NTG on Treo WM phones so wondered if it'd be possible with my new touch pro. I've tried connecting it all up and what not, but for the life of me I can't seem to sync to my touch pro. Am I missing something trivial or is there some special setup you need to do to get this running?





Ok, I'm a naughty boy! I'd been googling around trying to find the answer but didn't ever search our very own forums. :D

Basically it involved opening Windows Media Player with my phone connected which recognised the drive. The connecting via Active Sync, then just opening Napster and it saw my device. I'm now able to sell my Zen to help pay back some of the cost of the touch pro. :D

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