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Huawei E160 USB Dongle now only £49.99 on PAYG!

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Guest jchamier

Seems to be a long list of incompatible software, surprising some of the items:


From searching via google, the whirlpool forums in Australia imply the 169 has more antennas and frequency bands than the 160, and potentially an external antenna connector. Only of interest if you're going outside the EU I guess, since 3G/HSD/UPA speeds are only on 2100mhz here.

Edit - all seem to do 384kbps upload only, so no sign of HSUPA ?

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Guest jchamier
OK - how did you find that page, I'm looking for similar for the 169

Purely luck via Google for "Huawei E160". I found a 3 page for troubleshooting (sorry, didn't keep URL) and for all their USB modems it linked to that incompatible-software list.

I have a feeling this list is a cop out, for example how can a DVD Player affect a USB modem? Sounds as if the Huawei driver is crap...?

Shame the drivers on the sticks are in ROM, not a flash drive..!

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