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Ka-Glom FREE from WinPlay!

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
WinPlay are offering the $9 Ka-Glom block-puzzler for FREE for Pocket PC and Smartphone!

Combine the explosive Ka-Glom jelly to blast blocks and get the ultimate chain reaction.

Ka-Glom is a high-pressure game of falling blocks. Of the two block types, only the Ka-Glom jelly is explosive. Connect four Ka-Gloms of the same color to start an explosive reaction eliminating all connecting blocks of that color. In building huge chain-reacting explosions your Ka-Glom Factor increases and the bonus points multiply. Play in Survival mode for a classic puzzle experience or try some deep thinking with the Puzzle mode.


-3 Different modes of Play: Normal, Time Attack, and Puzzle Mode
-Hidden modes to be unlocked
-Learn how to play with an easy and quick tutorial

To get your free copy, you need to hit up http://www.winplay.com/offer/kaglom/ and enter your e-mail address to receive the download link. You should note that this adds you to the WinPlay mailing list...

Get the FREE Windows Mobile version of Magmic’s hit game Ka-Glom!

To get the FREE Ka-Glom! game, simply provide permission for Winplay/Magmic Games to include you when sending information regarding new Windows Mobile games, themes and other entertainment products from Winplay.com

Still a pretty decent offer i'd say, i've taken the plunge! :D

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Guest awarner (MVP)

I decided not to install this.

I don't like any small print in license agreements that refers to subscription charges and mobile contracts.

Also you are requested to send your device information, I do not agree with this and in any case it does not list all devices anyway.

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Guest Dark Horse

Have had this on my BlackBerry for over a year now, it's a great game :D

Edit: Just tried this now on my Samsung i600, it works great in QVGA Landscape :D

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