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Looking For PI Alarm Note Replacement

Guest rebecker

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Guest rebecker

One of the few disappointing flaws in PocketInformant is the way Alarm Notes work (actually, don't work) with my TyTN II (and iPAQ 4705). Since WM 5 the ability to draw Alarm Notes hasn't worked. In addition, the alarm will not wake up the screen, although the sound works (sort of. Actually, because I have a large sound file I have to wait for the entire 15 seconds of music before I gain access to the unit. This is only a problem with PI Alarm Notes.). Anyway, I'd like to find a replacement software package for drawn notes. I've checked out apMemo, which works very well. My only complaint is that the buttons require a stylus because of their size. Would like to find a finger-friendly program. I've also tried BugMe, which has the same small button issue as apMemo, with the additional flaw of not responding well to my finger nail or stylus for quick entry. So, can anyone recommend a program that:

1. Allows for quick drawing.

2. Has alarm capabilities.

3. Is finger-friendly.

Thanks in advance.


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