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TomTom audio over bluetooth

Guest RickDawson

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I have just had a new Audio head unit installed in my car and I have managed to get almost everything of it working perfectly.

It has my iPod attached, and it will do phone voice calls over bluetooth.

I would like to get it to have the TomTom audio over bluetooth, thus muting/lowering the volume of the music and giving the instruction.

The only audio that will play on the car unit, is voice calls.

How can I get everything else to do this (especially TomTom)?

The head unit is this:


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By default, only phone sounds are sent to a Bluetooth Headset/Handsfree profile.

To get system sounds to go over BT you need a bluetooth device that can pair in A2DP mode (which I assume the Kenwood cannot?) or buy a small utility from Teksoft called BlueMusic, which allows you to route system sounds via a normal BT profile.

There are other apps to do the same thing, but I only have experience of BlueMusic, which worked well for me when I was using it.

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The Kenwood does support A2DP.

It says so in the manual.

There's also a little app called BTAudio Toggle - that may help - no guarentees but it does enable sound to be diverted over bluetooth all the time :D

Have attached it - it may help!



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The best i could get with BlueMusic is either the speaker on the mobile being used, or just silence/mute.

The car head unit always shows no audio but it still does voice calls.

It shows the mobile signal level and battery level, with no problems

I'll try BTAudioToggle and see what happens.

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The Kenwood does support A2DP.

It says so in the manual.

Have you tried pairing the Kenwood in A2DP mode? That should allow system and phone sound to be sent via that channel.

Car kits/ car audio connections are notoriously fussy about what they will convey over a mobile connection.

If Bluemusic didn't work, you may need to change some settings on the Kenwood. By the sound of it (or lack :D ) BM is working, as when active you are not getting the speaker on the device sounding,ut for some reason, the Kenwood isn't picking it up.

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I've managed to get it working (Well I know how it works, but not as I'd ideally like)

To do a phone call over bluetooth, just make the call, and the head-unit will switch automatically from whatever source is playing.

To play any other source through bluetooth, bluetooth audio has to be manually selected as the input source on the head-unit have.

So what can I do now?

The mobile speaker is not loud enough to be heard clear enough, and I have to listen hard.

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  • 4 weeks later...

This dilemma is still not solved.

I've now finally worked out the conditions of what will and will not work...

Car headunit is in iPod mode (full control of my iPod from the headunit):

iPod and bluetooth phonecalls can be heard.

iPod gets automatically muted/paused for the phonecall.

any other audio source (inc non phonecall bluetooth audio (ie Tom-Tom) from kaiser) won't be heard.

Car headunit is in aux (line in) mode:

all audio from mobile (via line in, using usb adaptor on the mobile) can be heard perfectly.

Tom-Tom can be heard clearly over any other audio playing from mobile.

iPod cannot be played or controlled.

Car headunit is in bluetooth audio mode.

same as aux (line in) mode, but over bluetooth.

this boils down to:

Bluetooth "phonecalls" will interrupt anything playing on headunit and do the phonecall hands free over the headunit with bluetooth.

Bluetooth "audio" won't interrupt anything playing on the headunit, and will only be heard through the headunit when in bluetooth "audio" is selected.

Can anyone help me further?

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