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how to dump rom onto memory card MTEOR / SPV C700 / BREEZE ?

Guest emde18

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Guest emde18


I got 2 x Mteor's. One fully operational, 2nd one stuck on HTC screen

1) hard reset won't help

2) downloaded loads of rom's for mteor (tried to install all of them). Some say Invalid Vender ID, some won't connect with phone (connection error). The phone must be CID-LOCKED

I thought about dumping ROM from the working mteor on memory card and then installing the rom on the faulty one. I tried MTTY r2sd all etc. but i all i get is: WRONG COMMAND

Is there any one who can help me how to dump rom onto memory card?

I tried doing the same thing with 2 Wizards in the past and it worked like a charm, so this time it should be possible as well (i hope)



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