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Secrets of the HTC Shift revealed... enabling the GPS!

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
Do you have a HTC Shift?

Nice though the device is, it has been nagged by little quirks and missing features since launch that have blotted somewhat the ownership experience for many. Aside from the poor battery life (altho my Mugen Power battery has just arrived), the fact that the expected GPS didn't appear to be present, WiFi wasn't enabled from Snapvue and lack of SD access from Snapvue disappointed new owners.

Well, courtesy of those enterprising types over at xda-developers, you can now at least enable GPS on your Shift!

The process involves flashing a new RUU to the Snapvue side of the Shift, after which GPS will be enabled on the WinMo side, and shareable to the Vista side. Nice! :(

The process - detailed here - involves jumping through the usual ROM flash hoops. Liberate, HardSPL and then flash from Vista... but your reward for doing so is the aforementioned GPS functionality plus some other goodies such as rotatable screen, liberation at first boot and more. A no brainer it seems :D

I haven't carried out the process on mine yet, and you should bear in mind that you proceed at your own risk... but i'm keen to hear how well it works out for everyone ;)

CamerAware on Shift here we come! :wacko:

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While I think its great to have gps working, without any storage on the wm side we don't have anywhere to store maps.

for now I will keep using my tytnII for satnav.

If anybody knows of any good satnav software for vista then I might be tempted to give it a try when I get my shift back from htc (they told me 4 days ago it was fixed and ready for packing so hopefully it won't be much longer)


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Guest deadphill

Twas the problem with this device. Promised so much but delivered so little.

Had it come out at a reasonable price when it was first announced, Im sure this device would have done so much better.

I wouldnt bet against a massive discount on this device before long!



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I have fashed my shift using thaihugo's rom, yes it works under WM, you can't get the GPS info into Vista without purchasing aditonal software...boooo. I have got a problem with sound now too so be warned.

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Guest FaRiS261

Hi Paul & my friends member!

I've installed a cooked rom for i00

looks great, you can make phone calls with GPS enable & much more.


I wanted your help in getting my Garmin GPS software working with Franson's GPSGate 2.6. Here is what I've done:

1. Installed GPSGate 2.6 PPC on Snapvue side.

2. Installed GPSGate 2.6 Client on Vista side.

3. Configured GPSGate 2.6 PPC for ActiveSync output.

4. Configured GPSGate 2.6 Client on Vista side for input on ActiveSync.

5. Error: "GPS data but no position. Running OK!" (Snapvue Side)

Anything I maybe missing or something else I can do? thanks....

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