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CamerAware In Car Demo video now online + next version development

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
type='application/x-shockwave-flash' allowfullscreen='true' width='480' height='295'>I've just published an In Car Demo video of my CamerAware application running on the HTC Shift, as you can see here ;)

CamerAware is the speed camera alerting software for Windows Mobile, unique with it's incredibly good value £19.99 lifetime subscription, regular updates and well-respected database / coverage. CamerAware is compatible with both Pocket PC / Professional Devices and Smartphone / Standard devices.

In addition to this video, i'm pleased to announce that development on the next version of CamerAware has now restarted in earnest, after a hiatus due to other projects. The first fruits of this will be additional skins for new devices such as the Samsung Omnia and Palm Treo Pro. This will be followed by new Betas with new features, and the opportunity for registered users to input to the development cycle.

CamerAware is still available FREE to MoDaCo Plus members, and will remain at £19.99 until the launch of the next version, after which there will be a increase in price... so it's well worth getting in now :wacko:

Find out more and buy from this topic!


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Is the version you get with Modaco Plus a lifetime license too - exactly the same as if purchased separately?

I know in the past it hasn't been the case for Opera Mobile (when changing handsets it required a new code, but as Modaco supplied Opera Mobile, Opera themselves wouldn't issue a new code, and Modaco wouldn't issue a new code unless you had a current Modaco Plus subscription). In that case, it would have been better (for me, who didn't renew) to have bought Opera Mobile outright from Opera, than getting the 'free' version from Modaco - so want to make sure what the situation is with CameraAware.

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Guest ccsnet


A couple of questions ( as I dont have my phone just yet.... ) when will the next version be out and then the price change ? Weeks, Months ?

Also which database is in use ? I'm aware of a number of them some of which are put together in diffrent ways.... in short I'd like to understand how good the quality of the data base is.



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