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Arrrrrghhhh, lost laods of screen colour, want to change back to original rom for warrenty

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hi, I have had my HTC Kaiser for a while, and knocked it about a bit, and it has a few chips and scratches in it's vinnear, but part form that it has spent most its time in a ADVERTISING SPAM leather slip in case.

Anyway I took my kaiser out of my pocket today, and the display was a bright white with with slight darkening around like numbers on clock, it is obviously been flashed, and even more obvious if the device is restarted or the screen is fixed. So I am hoping that there is a way of setting the ROM back to stock, or at least if someone could point me in the right direction of the official T mobile 6.1 or even 6.0 for the Kaiser.

PS: my phone is insured, first time I have felt glad about doing so.

please help i hope i can get this sorted by tomorrow when I visit t-mobile.

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T-Mobile just put their personalised 6.1 on my phone, is there a way I can export it for you? I'm a complete noob at this stuff but if I can help I will ;)

not easily :{, i reccon im just gonna hand it any way

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Hi Dobby,

I wouldn't worry about the rom on you phone.

I was with T-Mobile using a Vario 2. I had to send the device back to them twice in the 18 months I had the phone and each time it went back it had a custom rom on it.

Both times they sent back another phone with their rom on it and no problems.

In fact the service was fantastic, about 2 days turnaround on both occassions.

Hope that helps.

Paul. :lol:

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