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tomtom plus services problem

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morning all,

i've got my tomtom rider configured to connect to my tytnII, but i'm having problems configuring the phone for a data connection. i've looked through tomtom's website and it states that "the phone isn;t supported for the plus services, but that any phone with a gprs connection can be configured".

i've tried different configuration scripts and stuff, and i get different results every time. sometimes the weather works and others it doesn't and i've had no joy with traffic updates despite subscribing.

has anyone got any idea how to get this working? if it helps, the rider is similar to the go!

thanks in advance,


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Guest awarner (MVP)

I had Plus when it first started but at that time once the password login was sorted it then just relied on a GPRS connection to do the reset.

I presume your password etc has been accepted? May be worth having a chat with TomTom but I know from past posts it can be frustrating talking to them.

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