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T-Mobile Winter Showcase - Vario IV and G1 in attendance

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)


type='application/x-shockwave-flash' allowfullscreen='true' width='480' height='295'>Yesterday I spent some time in London at the T-Mobile Winter Showcase. This is basically where T-Mo pimp their wares for the coming season... and this time they had the chance to show off a couple of devices of interest to readers here, namely the MDA Vario IV and the Android based G1.

I've included a video of the G1 in action (excuse the fact i'm a complete android n00b), as well as some MDA Vario IV pics below.

If you have any questions on either, hit me up in this topic! Really liking the MDA IV, bit slicker in appearance than the Touch Pro... really not overly enamoured with the uber-plasticky (especially in Black!) G1.

Discuss! :wacko:


PS Apologies for the lighting in the video and pictures, the venue lighting was AWFUL! And very pink... ;)

PPS News page readers - photos after the jump!

PPPS That's not a Pink G1... it's the white one in the dodgy lighting! :(








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