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Roll Call: Tell us your current / next device(s)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)

One thing I love to post on MoDaCo is topics that promote discussion and let me get an insight into what people are using on the forum. Hopefully this is one of those topics! :D

Nice and easy...

What is your current device and what is your next device? Feel free to give any honourable mentions to other Mobile related kit you are using too...

For my part...

My current device: I am switching between a Black Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and a White 16GB Samsung Omnia at the moment.

My next device: I am really happy with these two powerhouses, but the Touch HD and it's large screen really appeals! I suspect i'll end up splashing out on a G1 too...

Other mobile kit: I love my Red Zune 80 (with Ultimate Ears) and my Black 6 Cell Wind, OSX'd! All carried in a gorgeous Waterfield Designs bag, i'm sorted!

Come share your thoughts!



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Guest Shuflie

Day to day phone/mp3 player is a 1st gen iPhone, if I want to sent MMS or use GPS I switch back to my Kaiser. Next phone will depend on what's available when my contract with T-Mob is up in Feb (18mth contracts suck). Like the look of the X1, but really like the way I can use the iPhone through the Aux port on my car stereo for music and hands free calling, 3G iPhone is out because it apparently switches off the built in mic when a stereo jack is inserted.

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Guest beninfluence

At the moment it's a Sony Ericsson T68! :lol:

Because i lost my Vario 3 with Garmin dk4.2 ROM, in Bristol 2 weeks ago. (gutted)

Next phone?

Don't know...... Touch Pro, X1, G1, Touch HD, or hang on and see if anything turns up with snap dragon in the near future?

Slightly off topic, but has anyone tried the T Mobile service with Sky Sports on there phone? At the moment this could well influence my decission.


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Samsung i600 for email and and calendar with over-the-air sync

Nokia N95 for calls, texts, camera, video cam, Sat Nav, notepad, password safe and everything else except the above.

Hoping to finally move to a single handset with the Touch HD ... but only if the Bluetooth performance is MUCH better than the Samsung. I have a Nokia car kit that seems to be a bit picky about who it wants to talk to.


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Guest simonster

Currently on a Touch Dual. Next device is probably going to be a the Touch HD....unless they ever release a diamon variant of the dual. What's happened to that???

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Guest rameses

Current kit is:

HTC Touch Pro (bought last week on impulse as it looked like a good deal on eBay)

HTC Diamond (which I need to sell to justify the Pro - I really shouldn't have bought this one in the first place)

SPV C500 (I have to have a phone for work but they'd only give me a crappy Nokia - however I think it's died :lol: )

Next device:

Nothing planned but I'm sure I'll end up with something in a few months when the novelty of the Touch Pro has worn off.

Oher stuff:

iPod Classic 160gb

Dell Inspiron 1520 Vista but I'm trying to summon up the courage to stick OSX on it.

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Guest markdotpeters5

Currently using a 3g iPhone as my main device. Absolutely love it, and couldn't be happier.

Will be looking forward to seeing the Touch HD to see what occurs there though. Wouldn't be entirely against swapping out the iPhone if something shiny enough comes along :D

Have just treated myself to a 17" Macbook Pro, with a full HD LED screen, which is nothing short of awesome :lol:

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Guest Omikr0n

I just sold my HTC TyTN II 2 hours ago. :-)

So I will stick to my Orange SPV C100 (HTC S310) until HTC S740 comes out. I really am a smartphone person. I always liked my S310 more than my TyTN II.

In case of emergency half-functional Sony Ericsson K700i is waiting in the shell.

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Guest Chocolicious

I currently roll daily with iPhone 3G 16GB, mainly for browsing, gaming, audio and video as I convert all my downloaded US shows such as Heroes, Prison Break, etc and watch them on my way to and from work.

I also roll with my cooked Compacy IV, which I have BB Connect installed on and use as my main email phone but love it mainly because it can do everything in a nice form factor.

In addition, I also roll with a MDA Touch Plus, also cooked, and is used for calls, texts, and documents, which I rotate with a Nokia 8600 or Vario III depending on battery status, destination, number of pockets I will have, etc.

I have been waiting on the Vario IV/Touch Pro on T-Mobile to upgrade from the Touch Plus but to no avail as of yet and now there are so many other phones coming out, I dont think it will be my first choice. I am looking to get a Blackberry just for the Blackberry Messenger, which you cannot get via BB Connect but not sure if I will upgrade on T-Mobile for the Bold or if I should buyout my current contract for less than £200 and get the Blackberry Storm.

The problem is if I upgrade on T-Mobile it will be a 12month contract whilst it will be 18month on Vodafone.

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Current : Iphone 3G..Love this thing ...As much as i love it ..still lacking alot which is why im looking for somthing else at the minute....Wont be getting rid of it though

NEXT:Pre-ordered an X1 but also have my eye on the touch HD...Slingbox/tomtom would be incredible on this thing....Also really looking forward to trying a G1 after checking the vids on Phonedog.com.Android looks very nice IMO shame about the G1 hardware though.

OTHER: Sony TZ :lol:

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currently using 8gb Omnia, an awful mwg 503g and a ipaq 514 depending on what mood i am in. i also have an archos 605 30gb for films and a oqo model 01+.

next device touch hd. also dell mini nine with ubuntu.

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Guest Kallisti

HTC Diamond currently.

Next device will be whatever can deliver:

* Small form factor


* Fast OS experience

Ok, so that's the Diamond, which I'm extremely happy with! I think about the only thing that's gonna shift me is a capactive screen with the kinda instant reaction you get from iPhone. Pretty close to it using the ASTOR ROM.

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Guest pete1909

Current Device: HTC Touch Dual as a phone & Artemis(O2 Orbit) for Sat Nav

Jawbone BT Headset for long journeys - nokia carkit (Bluetooth) for around town

Next Device: HTC S740 - I need keys to dial whilst driving, really can't get on with touch screen on my dual. Have tried a friends Iphone and am tempted but smartdial on WM is so very useful.

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Windows Mobile2002-Now, pretty much everthing WM Smartphone ever made (including a Sendo Z100)

Now, iPhone 3G with Gevy 3G SIM Thing in it + Samsung SGH-i600

Next - TouchHD Probably, if it truly is the first ever WM Professional touch screen device that I can actually use with my fingers. Might give the BB Storm a punt too just to see what the haptics feedback is really like.

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Guest jchamier
What is your current device and what is your next device? Feel free to give any honourable mentions to other Mobile related kit you are using too...

Ok, here you go:

My current device: T-Mobile Vario II about 20months old, and a work provided Nokia 6021 on Voda (useless).

My next device: TouchHD or TouchPro depending on T-mobile's contract/discounts, and what the HD ends up being like without a keyboard!

Other mobile kit: iPod Touch 32gig (1st gen) and work owned laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad T60)

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Guest nokiaguy

current devices-vario3, 2x nokia n80 s and a nokia 6630.future device a nokia e71. maybe get an e90 again as i had 1of them before this vario3 but the wifi wouldn t work as o2 had only allowed the cloud access on the 1i had.

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Guest unclelimey

My main phone is the 3G 16gb Iphone in white (im loving the gaming on it thanks to the brilliant app store).. i also use a white htc touch for the gps maps and general all round windows mobile goodness which i cant quite let go of..

not really sure about a next device, probably the next iphone whenever that comes out..

as for other gadgetry, i have a white macbook (which i have boot camped with osx and windows xp) , and a white acer aspire one running xp

my mp3 player is a new 4th gen 8gb ipod nano in silver and obviously i also use my iphone for music/vids too.

like you paul, i am a sucker for white devices :lol:

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Guest tsutton

Currently: MDA Vario III

Next: No idea! Contract is not due to expire till May '09 (or therefore)! But then, there will be like 4 new devices coming out... :lol:

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Currently have a HTC Victor (in the T-Mobile MDA Compact 4). I love the device but badly need an extended battery for it.

Will replace it with the next device that beats the Compact 4 for form factor and features. Like the idea of the Touch HD but too big for my liking.

Other kit:

iRiver Clix2 4GB, Bang & Olufssen A8 headphones.

Samsung Q45 Laptop

Nikon D40 Camera

.. and don't get me started about my AV kit...

Want to change my MP3 player at some point - probably another iRiver, and plan to invest in the Sonos kit at some point in the very near future.

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Guest Damiantmc

Well currently I'm using a compact IV with dutty's Rom's which is ok but I must admit I was expecting more,

The next device, well I'm pretty sure its gonna be a G1 , we've been promised a demo device instore by the end of next week so shall be playing with that alot up till release day when it will be crunch tme. As lng as it lives up to the hype nd that OS is as good as it seems, then I defo think its the one.

That said the rumored G2 being the touch HD with android sounds quite nice aswel but i'm impatient and not gonna wait lol.

Also running a 4G EEEpc 701 and debating if I shoud take a punt on the new samsung NC10 or wait till the new year and see whatss about with HSDPA integrated as its only on a few models so far.

Also running a 80gb classic with 59.6gb (14004 tracks) of music and a 54 Reg Mazda 6 to play it in.


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