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T-Mobile MDA Compact 3 lost shortcuts

Guest Darkewolfe

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Guest Darkewolfe


I posted this before hand and I realised I posted in the wrong section, so sorry first of all. :lol:

What happened was my MDA was having problems booting up, so I was advised to do a hard reset to factory defaults. So I did that and my bootup problem was solved, but I lost all my shortcuts including battery meter. I see that there is another posting wanting to get rid of it but I can't see how to reverse the situation. Since the hard reset, I've also updated from WM5 to WM6 and still no shortcut or tray.

I downloaded Batti v2.4 so I had some battery meter, but I did use the screen rotate for when I use TomTom and Program Explorer too was handy.

So my question of course is, is it possible to get them back and if so then how do I manage it?


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