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Problem with keyboard response

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I have recently noticed that the 'n' key on my QWERTY keyboard has started to play up. I now have to press it in harder than the rest of the keys and find that the whole of my text message has no n's in it!

Has anyone else had this problem with any of their keys? How do I go about making it more responsive?

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yep, i have the same problem, but with d and y!

on the xda forum, someone recommended turning ur phone off and repeatedly pressing the troublesome button, other users reported this solved the problem, but it didnt work for me.

I guess i'll have to make an orange care claim to solve this problem! (unless another solution is found).

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I have the same problem with several keyboard keys...

I've got to the point where I don't use the physical keyboard anymore, but the stylus and the 'phone pad' screen keyboard

If only my fingers were not like The Simpsons (fat short stubby) then I'd do away with a physical keyboard.

maybe there is something I can clip onto my finger to get me to be more accurate?

cue the inspector gadget theme...

Go..Go..Gadget... Stylus.

I've finished my 18 month contract with the kaiser on t-mobile, so I'm just about managing with the kaiser for a bit longer till the Touch Pro / Vario IV comes out on T-mobile.

I can only get it to now charge with a HTC adaptor. a normal mini-usb b plug does not make contact for some reason.

It's ready for replacement.

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