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Working emulators on X1

Guest Gixx

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Hi there!

I recieved my X1 today and really would like to have a working GBA emulator on it. I've tested PocketGBA and GBACE. PocketGBA keep crashing all the time but does load games and play them. Can not tilt the screen when I flip the keyboard (resulting in a crash). GBACE, works with tilting the screen and does not randomly crash. However can not open any games.

If you got any of these (or some other emulator) working somewhat please post how you did to make it work.

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Guest coolius

PocketGBA works fine with me except that its only VGA so I get a black box on one side, and have to use WVGAfix. It also crashes if you slide it open as you mentioned.

I've also tried GBACE but it just crashes when I select a ROM.

It would be nice if PocketGBA was updated to support WVGA and not crashing when the phone is slid open!

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