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M2D03 First Impression

Guest Indevor

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The fix you downloaded was just a fix for the rom. You'll have to download the other file.

You'll need to download the rom, samsung modem drivers (there are some links here but i don't know where) and active sync. Google is your friend.

I suggest that you use xp because Vista had some problems and I don't trust that it's stable enough yet.

When you've installed everything (and rebooted) just run the exe file and you'll be instructed what to do next (reboot the phone, press start, wait,...). I recommend a hard reset after that.

Also please guys, help me find like a proper tutorial kinda thread of something to installt his M2D03 on my phone...

Just browse some topics here because it has been posted (literaly) hundreds of times. but i have given you the basics.

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Guest juvaknin


how i can roll back to official rom i had? DZHJ1 or other official rom?

it's says always wrong version stuff or something like that... (i'm using now the DTHJ9/M2D03 ROM)

Please need Help!

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