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Write a Service in .net

Guest RobinV

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Hello I am trying to write a Service Kind of program.

This program has NO-GUI and reads Config Files ( .mist files )

I was thinking about how to do this. And I came up with the old rundll32.exe that I noticed was also on the Smartphones.

So I executed rundll32.exe like this: "\WINDOWS\rundll32.exe \mist.dll,run"

But I noticed this didn't work.

I really need it to work without a GUI.. Does anyone know how to do this?



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Guest KP Admiral

There are services for Windows Mobile just like services for normal Windows. They run within context of the system under services.exe, as such care must be taken as to the stability of the app created.

Unfortunately you cannot create a "real" service using .NETCF as there are no classes for it...yet I suppose. Windows Mobile is limited as to how many background applications can be run, so running it in the background as a console app with no GUI will suck up one of these spots, and don't be surprised if your "service" becomes terminated by the OS in order to make room for a recently run app.

A quick web search will yield a project on Microsofts own CodePlex that emulates service behaviours with .netcf managed classes. Hopefully this can suffice for what you are creating.


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