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Updating XXHG5 firmware

Guest Samwise579

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Guest Samwise579

I've recently got a 2nd hand Omnia in the UK and it's still running the XXHG5 firmware I guess it was supplied with. It's unlocked from Orange.

I want to update it in an attempt to improve the battery life and i'd like the extra vibration feedback.

I've read a lot on the forums and have been left feeling pretty unconfident about flashing considering I have nothing to fall back on if it goes wrong.

However I'd still like to try and go ahead with it.

Question is, can I update straight to a more recent ROM, or should I do it step by step via HH1,HH3,HJ1 or whatever (potentially increasing my risk of bricking)?

Those who have upgraded from this ROM, which did you switch to, and what is your ROM history. Was it straight forward or are there any extra steps or tips to doing it.

Which is the best/most stable ROM currently out? I read about XXHJ4 below, is it worth waiting to see if samsung officially release this on their site.

Is it worth calling them and asking them personally despite the fact I have no warranty?

Are there any 100% safe upgrades I can do from XXHG5 for the moment?

Sorry to ask so many questions, I have browsed around, but I'm not all together clued up on this, and there seems to be a lot at stake. So I wanted some definite clear answers.


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Guest pjhoughton1976


I'm on Orange and my Omnia came with XXHG5. I also read through the forums trying to find out which ROM to upgrade to. Unforutunately I couldn't find the definitive upgrade.

One night I looked at this discussion board and decided I liked the look of the Manilla Rom so I changed FW to Manilla2d DTHJ9/M2D02. It was cool but I found a few bugs I.e Landscape mode (not yet supported) and when viewing photo's (Swiping) it would draw lines on the screen kind of like an etcha sketch!

Then I updated to DTHJ5 i looked at this thread for details http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-r...re-version-fix/

This ROM appears to be a good choice. It has new screen transistion animations and the vibratiing feedback isn't bad either. The Battery life is also good.

The flashing wasn't a problem I followed the instructions and everything went according to plan on both occasions.

I'm just wainting for a rom with a new interface, Manilla is almost there, it's just missing the landscape support.

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