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Plus Partners: Welcome Teksoft

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
I am delighted to welcome Teksoft and their Skybox and Speedbooster products to our 'Plus Partners' program!

Teksoft are prolific and Pocket PC Magazine award nominated developers, with a number of free and commercial Pocket PC and Smartphone products available for download / purchase.

The first product that is part of our partnership is Skybox.

Product Overview:

Skybox is a fingerfriendly user interface (shell) that replaces the standard Windows Mobile interface to offer an improved PocketPC look and feel and faster access to the device's functions. It comes with smooth animations, advanced graphic effects and it is very configurable so you can have your device do exactly what you need.

Demo #1

The Skybox plugin contains for of the hottest features in the Skybox package. Using it, you can organize the entire today space so that you would have all your favorite applications or even plugin, accessible with just a few taps! Our plugin is so powerful that it can embed other third party plugins. This way you can assign a group for each of your favorite categories.

View Video

Demo #2

An interesting combination: Skybox software controlled with a Bluetooth Mouse, by using the Teksoft Bluemouse mouse driver. While Skybox has been explicitly designed to be controlled directly with the finger, it can also be used with a mouse. This video also shows an insight of some of the Skybox modules.

View Video

Features and Screenshots:


Features list:
  • Fast access to the vital functions of the device
  • Easy to use and fingerfriendly
  • 70 default icons to choose from! (and many more can be added)
  • Plugin organizer, Skybox can manage all your plugins from the Skybox plugin
  • Display important data like phone signal, battery, missed calls, date and time
  • Endlessly configurable (text color, items, graphics, plugins, and more)
  • Powerful features and registry hacks (see the manual)
  • Custom titlebar, Infoscreen, Menu, Settings
  • Powerful graphic options including alphablending, fading, and shadows
  • Compatible with Pocket PC 2003, WM5.0 and WM6.0!
  • Compatible with square screens, QVGA and VGA!
  • 16 days trial version

Product Overview

SpeedBooster is a software that will allow you to focus the CPU to certain tasks, that require more hardware power. It has an easy to use interface, quite the opposite from the advanced internal functionality. It runs on multiple platforms Pocket PC, Smartphone, both the 2003 and the 2005 platforms. Get as much as you can out of your Mobile Device right now!

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg

  • New in 1.3: Add any .exe or installed program to SpeedBooster!
  • New in 1.3: Database to store all your favorites programs
  • New in 1.3: Background monitor to ensure your task have the right priority
  • New in 1.3: Improved interface with many new options
  • 16 days unlimited trial
  • Real time CPU usage indicator for all of your Tasks
  • Easy "switch-to" function, with a single Action key press
  • Powerfull CPU priority control functions
  • Multiple platform support: works with most of the 2003 and 2005 devices, both Pocket PC and Smartphone
  • Cool interface, easy to use and great results

  • Both pretty neat apps i'm sure you'll agree, and i'm sure we've all had times where we have wanted to assign higher CPU priority to particular applications (yeah, pretty geeky right?) and that's exactly what Speedbooster lets you do!

    You can read more about these applications and Teksoft's other great products including BlueMusic, Smartbar, CapturePro, BlueInput, Fingertouch PRO and USBInput on the Teksoft home page, where trial versions of all of the 10 applications are also available. MoDaCo Plus members, check out your dedicated area for YET ANOTHER two great benefits B)



    Click Here if you would like to learn more about joining MoDaCo Plus!

    Would your company like to become a 'Plus Partner'? Click Here to contact us!

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