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yet another questioning about rom

Guest simoniel

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Guest simoniel

hi all

first of all i want to excuse myself of opening another topic about roms but i have to say that i'm reading trough posts for few weeks and still cant find the right answer for my question.

i have an i900 16 gb version and live in croatia, when i bought my phone our samsung distribouter didnt had any for our market so i choose the rathr risky way, black market:). the phone is ok and didnt had a single problem in the period i had it. but as all i'm allways looking for a way to upgrade my toys and this is the the thing the bothers me.

my firmware version is PDA : i900DXHH1/DXHH1


somwere on the web i've found out that this stands for the Singapour version, donno for sure tbh. i woudl done this by myself if i knew i was correct and wouldnt spend your time, but unfortinately i'm not:( . the thing that bothers me is that on official samsung update page when i choose for Singapour i get the file i900DZHJ1, donno if thats the right rom for my device and if its a stable version( i cant put the hh3 version cause everybody say it drains the battery like crazy and i really need the battery life).

i would be very gratefull if anyone would know if thats the right rom for my device and a short good-bad list of things compared to my dxhh1.

tnx in advance


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