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Windows Mobile Internet Explorer 5

Guest taril

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There are some sites that opera doesn’t support but IE does but for 10MB I would prefer to bin it.

For example? B)

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Guest jeffrey2000

Well I never use it anymore all sites I use open in Opera... so I guess if not much people use it anymore you could create a CAB file for them B)

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Guest FutureDirt

dont bin it!

IE is sometimes better for viewing certain sites then Opera.

Also... if you have flashplayerbundle installed that allows you to save youtube flv's directly to your device, it only works with IE.

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Someone must extract IE6 from China Mobile version of Omnia (where Microsft released it first), and make a cab.

Then we dont need opera mobile, since IE is still very much needed for:-

1. Opening URL from Windows Media Player Mobile

2. ActiveSynchronizing favorites (real pain to convert desktop IE to opera.adr).

3. Some sites (ticket booking, cinema and banking still need PIE)

Plus Opera mobile is too slippery for my nail. (out of control)

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