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Chronos Alarm Notification Pending

Guest dtw

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Hey guys, am having trouble with the alarm program Chronos giving a notification that an alarm is pending and to insert a flash card.

I have tried Google only to find the following post on a couple of other forums, however so far unanswered.

Is anybody here able to assist ?

Thanks heaps.

Hello everbody,

Every now and then (just randomly) I get this notification from Active Kitten Chronos (I run v.3.9.2)

"Chronos alarm notification is pending please insert your flash card"

this would suggest that my SD card would not be properly lodged in its slot... That is ABSOLUTELY not the case since -while this notification is on- I can access my SD card without any problem.

Please note that this notification CANNOT be dismissed (like all other notifications) and to get rid of it I must soft reset, which is a major p.i.t.a!!! icon_confused.gif

Anybody has a solution to that?

I have Googled "chronos alarm notification is pending please insert your flash card" and I end up with (only) 2 links (4PDA.ru) and even translating the post (with my best imagination) I do not understand if the Russian guys managed to solve that VERY ANNOYING issue.

I would REALLY appreciate (even reward) a concrete reply.

Thanks in advance and Seasons Greetings to y'all icon_biggrin.gif


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