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Favorite Settings on HK3

Guest sztupy

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Okay. It didn't took too long for me to create a custom "mostly clean" ROM too :rolleyes: This ROM includes the "Favorite Settings" application from the HL1 ROM. I'm not sure whether you'll need a ROM update to use FS though, so maybe if you simply download the SYAKR FS task, and copy it's contents into the Windows folder on your device it will work too. This ROM is provided here just for the sake of simplicity :)


  • Connected Home
  • Dice
  • Digital Frame
  • DivX Reg
  • .NET CE 2.0
  • Flash Lite 2.1
  • Games
  • Google Launcher
  • Google Maps
  • Infrared Drivers
  • Java
  • Main Menu
  • Media album
  • Office
  • OneNote
  • Opera
  • Photoslides
  • Podcasts
  • RSS
  • Sample music and ringtones
  • Samsung Clock
  • Samsung Today 1
  • Samsung Widget
  • Shozu
  • Smart Converter
  • Smart Reader
  • Streaming Player
  • Task Switcher
  • Transcriber
  • TV Out
  • Video editor
  • Wallpapers
  • Welcome Center
  • Windows Live
  • Windows Update
  • Zoomer
    • FM Radio
    • Internet Sharing
    • Today 2
    • Silverinbox
    • Touch Player

      • .NET CE 3.5
      • Flash Lite 2.1
      • Pocket TCMD
      • HTCEmu files
      • and of course Favorite Settings

      Other changes:

      [*]Simpler boot logo

      [*]Changed the "extra" key from spanish keyboard to "é" (I'm from Hungary, I need that character a lot :( )

      [*]Changed IE as the default browser (because Opera was deleted)

      [*]Changed Today 2, so the "Home button" would launch "Favorite Settings"

      Memory footprint after installation:

      Total: 128.98 MB 96.70 MB
      In use: 23.96 MB 34.89 MB
      Free: 104.93 MB 61.81 MB
        Storage    Program

Get it from here http://sztupy.hu/DXHK3_SZY01.exe

I provide the SYAKR task with which this build was done as attachment. Get SYAKR from it's topic. Do not ask me to add/remove files from this release, please cook your own ROM!

If miss some features from this ROM, try to check this topic for the appropriate cab files.


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