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How do I know what ROM...

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I can download to my Omnia. I have a "english" version, but I bought it from Expansys "in Sweden". Today I have DXHH3, but I want to upgrade to the version where I can get the new widgets. I am afraid to brick my Omnia, so I want to be sure what I should do before updrage my Omnia

Btw I am not use to do this things so that why I am asking this question.



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if you don't want to brick your omnia, then don't flash it yourself.

there's always a risk involved in flashing. you can minimize it, but it's always there.

if you want to play it safe, take it to a samsung sat and ask them to update it for you.

but if you decide to flash it, do it knowing there are risks.

and there are many threads here regarding updating and flashing step-by-step, much better explained than a brief post... so have a good reading!

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