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Get from xda or http://rs161.rapidshare.com/files/177032288/QuickCab-2.0.rar

QuickCab 2.0

Like most people around here I enjoy customizing my phone. Problem is that copying files and applying a bunch of Registry tweaks by hand is tedious. I've built CAB files in the past but creating the INF files is an ugly process...not for the feignt of heart.

So I created a utility called QuickCab that makes creating CAB files easy. It doesn't support every possible scenario, but if what you want to do is copy files or change the registry, it works quite well. This is perfect for Themes, Ringtones, Tweaks, and Mods.

***Requires the .Net Framework 3.5 which can be found here




* Rewrote GUI to allow for more options and fix selection errors

* Fixed many button and selection errors

* Added Shortcut support

* Added support for Vista UAC

* Added support for compressed cabs

* Added ability to prevent uninstall

* Removed support for Setup.dll (does anyone use this?)

* Move from .Net 2.0 to .Net 3.5


* Initial Release

Now to see to I can put all the separate cabs into one huge one. hehe

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