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How do I install applications on a Kaiser?

Guest Keshev

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Hi i just got a kaiser and dont know anything about windows mobiles or installing stuff on mobiles but i see a lot of neat tweaks and applications i wanna try out. Can someone please give me a link to a step by step process or a quick how to on installing applications.

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Guest RickDawson

It’s the same with any mobile running Windows Mobile

Install ActiveSync (windows XP)

connect the device with usb or bluetooth using a usb dongle.

install using one of these 3 ways:

*.cab files

in activesync explore device

(you should get a window showing the contents of the mobile)

copy the *.cab file to the device

using the file explorer run the *.cab file and follow what the mobile shows on the screen.


connect with activesync

run the *.exe on the PC

the third way is for when there is no installer.

just copy the files across to the mobile and use(run) the software.

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Guest DaveShaw
ok i just downloaded pauls tweak pack and copied to my mobile how do i open the file/files is their a specific program i can use to open cab files?

Just use File Explorer on the Phone, browse to the file (Normall in My Documents), and Click on the CAB File, it will then install.



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