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Help!Anybody got a orange player addict I900,pls help me to find the original vision,thx!

Guest evangao

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Guest evangao

Here is the story:

I bought I900 in china,it seems like the phone from carrier orange,bcz there is brand named"orange Player Addict" on the back.Unfortunately,I just mess it up with flahing the i900 phone part using the pda part. :rolleyes: Now it's half dead, the phone function is missing! And I cannt reflash the phone.bin with the usdl grandprix. It shows the message blow:


(1) Device name:5&92ee807&0&1

PDA Device 1 detected.


PDA 1 starts downloading...


PHONE will be written.

Don't plug it out until the label becomes blue!!!


(1) Now Port is Matched id:0, g_nOpenPhonePort:0

(1) Change usb Success


Now I'm trying to update it with the method I find in our forum:http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-http-omnia-modaco-com/273782/maybe-a-solution-to-unbrick-your-omnia/

But I CANNT find this phone's original vision,so I cannt edit the update program with hex things.

So is there anybody who own the same I900 like me, pls kindly tell me the original vision of the orange palyer addict i900.I‘m still trying hardly to save it.Too expansive to be a PDA only,isn't it?

Thanks a million in advance!

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