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Omnia rom i saw on Youtube

Guest Ali (Snake eater)

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Guest Ali (Snake eater)

Hello guys

i am so rookie with pocket pc world

i hope to get my Omnia in two weeks or more i hope so

my question is a bout

this video

what is this rom

and how can make it on my device with out a mistake and what should i do first ?

your newest Friend

Ali :rolleyes:

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Guest bobobird

Much better...

For "not yet owner" I suggest you get used to all the functions and capabilities of the phone FIRST and not do anything "dangerous".

When you are comfortable with it, then read as much as you can from this forum to learn what you can do, how to do it and should you do it.

Both these steps will take you no more then a day or two haha

And after doing all that, if you get questions then at least you dont appear to be asking dumb noob questions and the more experienced people here may be more inclined to help you out.

Happy New Year

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