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Guest iathtoe

So, my phone has crashed! I was using it. Just received a picture message from a friend, opened it, and hit the back button to return to my inbox. My phone froze. I left it for about 30 seconds, got tired of waiting, so I just help down the power button until it shut off. I tried rebooting and there lies the problem. It does the opening start up and the splash screens (Samsung, 3G, Windows Mobile) then automatically goes back to the Goodbye screen, shows the 'loading' box, and shuts down. It stays connected long enough to my computer to find it for about 3 seconds. I have tried a hard reset. I also thought to install WM 6.1 again, but that requires a connection to the computer. I'm at my wits end what to do....anyone out there can help me? I know my phone is past warranty and am running out of options.

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Guest RockStar72

Don't get excited, I haven't got a solution, sorry dude, but it's interesting cos I've just posted a message to this forum with what seems to be almost exactly the same problem....

I can't remember if it kicked off by someone sending me a MMS, and initially I was getting an "Invalid SIM" error, but now it just does what you describe....

see/sub to my post at: http://www.modaco.com/content/i617-i617-mo...n-other-phones/

If you get anywhere, can you let me know please? And I will do the same


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